October 14, 2007

Slacking on posts

I told you a while ago that I was in a bit of a stamping funk. I just haven't found much motivation and I haven't really stamped much of anything for a while. I keep thinking of it and then I get started but never finish any projects. I haven't even been reading too many blogs. I guess it was just time for a break.

It certainly doesn't help that I have been super busy. It seems like every weekend there is something else that I have to get done or places to go and that leaves very little time for stamping. Normal week nights aren't available because I work 10 hour days and when I get home it's dinner time and homework with my oldest. After getting them ready and into bed I only have an hour or so. It really makes it difficult to accomplish anything else during the week.

I haven't given up but I am waiting to naturally get inspired to get stamping again. If you haven't given up on me yet I will get more posted...hopefully soon.

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