September 5, 2007

Another scrapbook page

Since I haven't had much time during the weeknights to create any new cards and I knew I could squeeze in a few minutes to do a scrapbook page I thought that could be something I will regularly add to my blog. When I don't have time to do cards I will at least try to do a page or two for you. I have 2 years of pictures that need to be scrapped anyhow. I think I will start working backwards. Tonight I did a page of our fishing trip in July.

1 comment:

Kristine said...

wow...I love how you got so many pictures in one page, and that vellum overlay with title?? this a real page or a digiscrappin page--I can't tell!??!

:) and...btw, you are soo welcome for the tin of goodies. There's 2 clear gelly roll stardust pens in that package--and I LOVE them!! Hope you will find some use for them. The pumpkin bar recipe is really out-of-this-world, Melt-in-your-mouth, so I hope yáll love pumpkin, although it's really more of a cake with cream cheese frosting ;) Anyway...have a great weekend!!