September 6, 2007

UHU Glue Stick

Do you remember the UHU glue stick sample I talked about earlier? I got the sample from Well, I used only that to adhere all my layers on the last card I posted about. I think I am glue stick impaired. I like a lot of things about it but I seem to make a big mess anytime I use any kind of glue stick. This go around wasn't too bad but I still made a bit of a mess. When applying it to the paper I end up getting it on my other paper and then everything else seems to stick to it. I do like how the glue is purplish in color so you can mostly see where you are applying the glue. It also makes the papers a little stiffer so it makes that card seem a higher quality than it already is. I use paper that I get at my local craft store so it's not quite as thick as something like Stampin' Up!'s paper so the glue stick helps with that feel a little. All in all, while I like the glue stick, I don't think it will be my permanent choice when making cards. I am much more coordinated with my tape runner. If you are a neater crafter than me you will probably be very happy with the glue stick. Make sure you try one for yourself.


leaflizard said...

I didn't know how to comment back to you about letterboxing, so this not in the correct spot but oh well. I started Letterboxing one year ago.... I seem to only venture out Letterboxing in the Spring and Fall, guess too many distractions in the Summer. Go to Letterboxing North America, that is where I have my postings and where I go to get clues. I suggest to go find some in your area before you think of making your own.. carving the stamp out of an eraser is easier than i thought it would be, but mine are pretty basic.... try it! Barb~e.

Keryn Campbell said...

I am also seriously glue stick impaired. DS tape and snails for me everytime.