August 17, 2007

Altered Art Challenge

I also decided to try an Altered Art challenge that I found at Card Inspired by Maria.

There are so many things that we use everyday that can be turned into something beautiful and useful. Well, the drink of choice in our house in a generic Crystal Light lemonade drink. I can't tell you how many of these containers I have thrown away. Today was different. I saw that empty container and got a vision.

Here's the container before:

And here's the container after:


Maria said...

Absolutely awesome job Kathi! I love your altered container. Isn't it fun to turn something that would typically be thrown away into a work of art! Well, your altered container is truly a work of art for sure.

Thank you for participating in my challenge. I'll be posting your container on Card Inspired.


domenica said...

How neat! What a fun idea!