August 5, 2007

Altered Purse

So, this isn't really stamped at all but I wanted to give it a try. I found these really cute wooden purses at Michael's for somewhere around $3.99. I thought they would be fun to add paper and embellishments. I played with this over a few days and got it almost complete.

Here's is what I did:

You might ask why I said it was almost done. Well my 2 year old found my paints. She had them all open and most of them dried out. Do you see where I am going to go with this? She decided she wanted to paint. She painted the other side of this purse with a nice Kelly Green color. I tried to wash it off but all that did was succeed in removing a few layers of the paper even through the coating I had applied. I was just a little bit angry but she didn't know any better so I really couldn't be mad at her. I was only mad at myself for not putting the paints in a place she couldn't get to. I just haven't had the heart to try another one.

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